Capocchi is, of course, a longtime local favorite who draws from classical and international styles with beautiful aplomb.” - Alex De Vore

— Santa Fe Reporter

Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra joined guest guitarist Roberto Capocchi for a spirited performance of Rodrigo‚Äôs Concerto de Aranjuez. (Capocchi)... showed off solid classical guitar chops in a passionate, intense performance.” - Cathalena E. Burch

— Arizona Daily Star

An extremely expressive player, communicating depths of emotion in his performances that touch his audiences and move them to respond... a performance that convinces the audience they are listening to a true master.”

— Old Pueblo Guitar Gazette, Tucson, Arizona

Guitarist Roberto Capocchi's interpretation was a delight for both one's senses and spirit. He let himself go to the melody that inevitably captured all the audience...”

— El Imparcial, Hermosillo, Mexico

Capocchi presented elaborate refinement in his renditions of Walton's Five Bagatelles for Guitar, Bach's Ciaccona and Giuliani's Gran Ouverture.”

— Guitar Player Magazine, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Capocchi is a very talented young guitarist with a nice touch and a sense of rhythm that promises a rewarding future relationship with the music of Astor Piazzolla.” - Don von Schriltz

The artistic musical sense of a genius... an extraordinarily competent and committed teacher... certainly among the country's greatest names in the guitar.”

— Projeto Violao em Concerto, Campo Grande, Brazil

That's amazing! Such a lovely, singing tone!”

— Classical Cafe, KHFM Radio, Albuquerque, New Mexico

His technique is flawless, a gorgeous series of expertly plucked notes that sound as if more than just one guitar is at work.” - Alex De Vore

— Santa Fe Reporter

Immense feeling... concerned not with technique, since he transcends it, but rather with expression... maybe he held so many of us in silence precisely through his expressiveness.”

— El Imparcial, Hermosillo, Mexico

Capocchi's rare musical refinement displayed polished technique and conscientious analysis of the music. His wide dynamics and color palette matched all nuances of his musical imagination.”

— Violao Intercambio, Sao Paulo, Brazil