Filming your practice

For a while I have been asking my students to film the pieces they are playing and to send me those videos between lessons - specially when we don't meet every week.

It helps very much - in the same ways an audio recording helps, plus a few more:

1) If it's a new song, I can note-check their performance easily while it's stil slow, before any mis-readings become mechanized.  Also the rhythm.

2) Body tension is very clear - you can say "at 2 minutes and 13 seconds your right shoulder locks up in anticipation of the arpeggio section - practice getting there, stop, relax, and continue."

3) It keeps the student accountable between lessons, discouraging cramming.

4) It is a brutal reality check that can be done privately - it all but eliminates the tendency some students have to play material that is too difficult too soon.

What else? Any ideas?

I am just making the transition from recording to filming my own practice - I'll post my ideas as things work out.

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