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Roberto Capocchi, guitarist: Photos

Chilling at GiG, photo by Kathryn Stately, the best singer I've heard in years.
This was taken during an actual performance by photographer Ben Chrisman.
Duo Guadalupe before concert at the Santuario de Guadalupe.  This was one of the first concerts I played with Ellen Chavez de Leitner
In costume for Wozzeck at Santa Fe Opera in 2011

CD cover art

Roberto Capocchi Plays Spanish Guitar Music CD cover - check it out in the Music Store page
Chamber music by Ron Strauss - check it out in the Music Store page
Duo Guadalupe CD cover -  check it out in the Music Store page


With Romero Lubambo and Keith Vizcarra after Trio da Paz' show at the Outpost Perfromance Space in Albuquerque
Visiting Peter Tsiorba in his Portland workshop.
With Carol Redman and Andre Garcia-Nuthmann in a photo by Sean Weaver
After I played a concert at Palm Beach Atlantic University my friends Estibaliz and Marcio of the internationally acclaimed Piano Duo Gastesi-Bezerra showed me how to open a champagne bottle with a sword.  Quite the Hemingway moment.
With Sergio Assad, Ivar Fijas, and Odair Assad at the Third Tucson International Guitar Festival
With my teacher and friend Henrique Pinto at his house in Sao Paulo.
With Carl Bernstein - Carl recently retired from teaching at NMHU and UWC and is performing full-time now - very inspiring!
With the legendary Antonio Mendoza:
With Sergio Assad.  Talk about Guitar Hero.
With Richard "Rico" Stover, before a concert in Santa Fe
With flamenco legend Carlos Lomas
With my dear Angie Kamins, hand specialist, before her around-the-world scuba diving tour
With extraordinay guitarist Gabriel Ayala - catching up after a few years
With Jesus Bas, songwriter from Spain, luthier Keith Vizcarra, and Joia
With jazz pianist Robert Fox, enjoying a performance by the NMSA Guitar Ensemble
Playing with MIchael Kott and Mike Rood.  Carlos Lomas tuning up, and Pat and Whitney Malone watching in the back.
Mike eats cake, Claudia sings, Keith looks on, Carlos smells the roses.
With Bruce Dunlap and Claudia Villela, during a seriously deep musical moment
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