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Roberto Capocchi, guitarist: Links

Musician friends

Aliekey Vianna

Aliéksey is equally at home performing classical guitar solos, concerti, chamber works, jazz and Brazilian music with unique artistry and a technical expertise that are compelling to critics and the general public.

Bruce Dunlap

Bruce's "shimmering portraits" as Jazz Times called them, often sound like they are being played by more than one guitarist.  Impeccable taste, dazzling technique.

Paulo Martelli

Paulo Martelli is one of the greatest guitar players I know.  Extremely refined, and deeply moving.

Conrado Paulino

I was extremely fortunate to study with Conrado Paulino as a teenager.  He is a master musician who commands the idioms of Brazilian jazz with impeccable taste and rare sophistication.  

Carl Berstein

Great teacher and guitarist.  

Duo 46

Duo 46 is violinist Beth Ilana Schneider and guitarist Matt Gould.  They are cooler than you.

David Leisner

An extraordinarily versatile musician with a multi-faceted career 
as an electrifying performing artist, a distinguished composer, and a master teacher.  

Ellen Chavez de Leitner

Half of Duo Guadalupe.

Michael Lich

Guitarist, banjo player, and composer


One of the top contemporary classical guitar ensembles, known for their artistic excellence and for their contributions to the expansion of the guitar quartet repertoire.

Brazilian Guitar Quartet

The Brazilian Guitar Quartet has established itself as one of world's leading guitar ensembles.  

Thomas Patterson

Fabulous teacher, expressive player.  Tom runs the best guitar department in the world.

James Doyle

Percussion professor at Adams State College.  He has the most beautiful dog in the world.

Joseph V. Williams

Guitarist and composer.

Gabriel Ayala

A member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career performing classical music. 

Matthew Schildt

Composer and professor.

Eduardo Minozzi Costa

A Brazilian musician of outstanding facility and musical insight.

Quarteto Tau

Four of the best guitar players in Brazil.

Henrique Pinto

My teacher in Brazil, and an inspiring friend, who I miss dearly.

Celina Bordallo Charlier

Brazilian Flutist in NY.  We played together in Sao Paulo in the late 80s!

Aaron Grad

Composer and guitarist Aaron Grad reviews for the Washington Post and writes program notes for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.  He wrote the wonderful liner notes for my Spanish Guitar Music album.