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Roberto Capocchi, guitarist: Links


Keith Vizcarra

Keith makes some of the greatest guitars I've ever seen - wonderful playability and beautiful, responsive tone.  As a close friend, he is kind enough to take time from his building schedule to the maintenance on my guitars. He has a long waiting list,  but I'm sure we'll end up collaborating on an instrument. By collaborating I mean he makes it, I play.

Robert Ruck

In my opinion, simply the best guitars in the world.  I play a 2010 composite top.

Gioachino Giussani

Gioachino Giussani makes amazing guitars. I play a 1996 one.

Sergio Abreu - luthier

It seems Sergio doesn't have a website - I'll post it as soon as I hear about it. I play a beautiful 1988 one, with ocelot's ear (orelha de onca) back and sides.

Dake Traphagen

Dake has been building some of the finest guitars in the US for nearly 40 years.

Paul Fischer

Wonderfully elegant sound, stunningly beautiful instruments.

Eric Sahlin

Beautiful instruments by a wonderful guy.  Gorgeous sound, and some of the most beautiful craft you'll ever see.

Michael Thames

Micheal has made hundreds of guitars, and has some very interesting designs. 

David Daily

I've known many of David's guitars over the years, played by close friends.  They are first-rate in every way.

Gregory Byers

One of the top luthiers in the USA, Greg's guitars exude good taste.

Stephan Conor

I've only tried one guitar by Connor, but it made a very strong impression. 

Brian Dunn

Brian doesn't seem to have a website.  His composite-top guitars are among the very best, but his work is all-around outstanding.

Martin Woodhouse

Martin has been building in the tradition of David Rubio, and developing his own take on those ideas.

Jeremy Cooper

When I searched for a young up-and-coming luthier to order a guitar for Adams State College, I was recommended to Jeremy by many people who know what they're talking about.  He's a fine luthier with a clear idea of what he wants, great craftsmanship, and is great to work with.  

Steve Ganz

Steve's guitars are a labor of love, and it shows.  He has reached a high standard of craft, with a personal voice.

Antonio Tessarin

Tessarin has been building some of the finest guitars in Brazil for decades.

Samuel Carvalho

One of Brazil's most innovative luthiers.  I've tried a couple of his guitars and enjoyed them a lot!

Peter Tsiorba

Peter makes very fine classical and flamenco guitars.  I had the pleasure of visiting his shop, trying his guitars, and picking his brain, and all three were mighty fine.