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Concerts in Santa Fe and Washington DC - May 22, 2017

Details in the Performance Calendar. Two beautiful venues, Latin-American program.

Tulsa, now Santa Fe - April 5, 2017

I had a wonderful time meeting Jack Price in Tulsa and playing a concert at the beautiful All Saints Cathedral. Next, a concert with flutist Tracy Doyle April 29th in Santa Fe. Then D.C. and more!

D'Addario beta test - March 8, 2017

i just put on a set of new D'Addario trebles that are still in beta test phase. The gages seem consistent with the pro arte normal tension, but they feel lighter. Let's see how they work. I'll post an update soon.

Update1: I've gone through three sets. There first one felt very much like the usual Pro Arte trebles to me. Pretty good. The second set was white nylon, and sounded very good, with great sustain and good tone./ The third set is black nylon. I'm a bit frustrated with the tuning on this one, so the jury is still out.

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