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Roberto Capocchi, guitarist: Sign the Guestbook


July 2, 2015

Hi Roberto,
Great to see you at the festival!
Even better to hear you!
I might be finishing a guitar this coming week.
Will you be in Santa Fe? July 6-10?
May I add a link to your page on my page?
Happy Fourth of July- don't blow your fingers off!
Best wishes,

Bruce Stoller

April 6, 2015

I've the pleasure of hearing Roberto Capocchi many times , the last was with conductor Linus Lerner, the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra in the great Concierto de Arunquez May 2012 here in Tucson. Capocchi's approach as always is relaxed light hearted, also capable of penetrating the pensive and dramatic.

Debra Stetyick

March 21, 2015

"If you are looking for an enthusiastic, inspirational, and motivational classical guitar instructor who is an exceptional teacher and performer, I would highly recommend Roberto Capocchi. The invaluable instruction I have received from Roberto has made me a smoother, more dynamic player who is always striving to do better. Roberto generously shares his vast knowledge of classical guitar theory, technique, and performing experience with his students. Roberto gives his students invaluable feedback and is serious about helping them become better classical guitarists. Roberto can help beginning guitarists start out with proper technique, as well as help improve the technique of guitarists who have been playing for years."

Kathy & Tom Maniscalco

June 28, 2014

We very much enjoyed your playing at Robin & Brian's wedding last night. It was a pleasure to have met you (and to have sat next to you!)
We would like to have you play for us in the future!
Best regards,
Tom & Kathy Maniscalco
Santa Fe

ileana Andersson

May 12, 2014

Oi Roberto, I just heard you play Concierto Aranjuez in Tucson, incredible, I never heard anyone play the guitar so beautifully, BRAVO! Thank you for taking the time to come play in Tucson, AZ.

Rhonda Schoenecker

January 4, 2014

Hi Roberto,

Always a pleasure to hear you and your students play. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Adriana Capelloza

September 29, 2013

Your music is just great!

Gilberto Capocchi

January 7, 2013

Prezado Roberto.

Recordo-me de você e seu irmão Eduardo quando ainda muito pequenos.

Eu sou filho de Mário, o segundo filho de quatro. Seu avô, José - o mais velho -, e suas tias avós, Margarida e Elisinha. Todos meus tios.

Portanto, sou primo irmão de seu pai, Zedé ( ele 40 dias mais velho), de quem tenho grandes e felizes lembranças. Pena que há muito não nos vemos.

Quanto ao retrato de família, eu conheço essa foto.

Tirada em Santos quando de um passeio que a família lá fez. Falta na foto a tia Elisinha, ainda, à época, "vivendo" nas nuves. Então a mais nova dos quatro. Hoje falecida -- você sabe que todos eles já não mais estão aqui -- foi casada com José Maria Beiler, ambos pais de Maria Isabel.

Li em mensagem de Maria Isabel (abril/2012) que você foi o único a "perseguir" a música, lingua universal que todos entendem mas poucos tiveram a felicidade que você tem, ou seja, conhecê-la e honrá-la com maestria. - Afora isso, meu filho mais novo, Adriano (36 anos - advogado) toca guitarra e violão. Mas é mais "esportista" porque da música tira seus momentos felizes, como amador.

Não sei se você tem vindo ao Brasil ou se, por acaso, planeja vir.

Se vier será uma ótima oportunidade para agrupar os Capocchi's, não só os descendentes de Giovacchino, mas, também, os de Guido, seu irmão, que foi pai de Rafael e Fúlvia, faleceram. Mas estão os filhos destes.

Para findar, estou escrevendo aqui, porém não faço parte de qualquer programa de relacionamento.

Mantenho, sim, meu e-mail, visto acima, que repito: - Meus telefones em São Paulo, em verdade, em Cotia: celular: (11) 9.8302.6564 - residência (11) 4702.6540.

Do escritório, estou de mudança: será, dentro em breve (11) 3500.6025.

Se encontrar algum tempo entre uma música e outra, faça um e-mail. Muito me alegrará.

Seu primo, já com 72, deseja a você sucesso cada vez maior !


Isabel Capocchi Beiler

April 3, 2012

Beto, how are you? I've been with your father last sunday, during a mass when the choir performed two short pieces composed by "Nonno", I mean Gioachino Capocchi. I'll select with your father which may be the most interestig things to send you.
Nunca mais te vi. Fico contente pelo seu sucesso e por ser o único da família que seguiu a carreira. Um beijo
da prima de Santos, Isabel

wanderley moutinho de jesus

April 28, 2011

Como vai você?
Como está sua vida?
Fico muito contente de ver que está atuando com sua música.

Nina de Faria

March 27, 2011

Estamos matando as saudades de vc pelo website, que por sinal, esta muito belo. We're so proud of you!
Beijos Nina e Marta

Roberto Capocchi

September 10, 2010

Tahkns I'ev crocetred it.

Sabine Lauer

September 10, 2010

You have a spelling error on your web page.
You might want to correct.
"performemed" in Bio and Repertoire
He has performemed in master-classes and been coached by such notable artists as Sergio Abreu, David Leisner, Paul O'Dette, Alice Artzt, Orlando Fraga, Paulo Porto Alegre, Luis Claudio Ferreira, Sila Godoy, Alexandre Lagoya, Den-min Yeh, Eduardo Meirinhos, Benjamin Verdery, Oscar Gigia, Mario Ulloa, Margarita Escarpa, and Ivan Rijos. Favorable reviews often stress Mr. Capocchi's expressiveness, technical fluency, and engaging stage presence.

Sabine Lauer

September 10, 2010

Mr. Capocchi,

Mr. Klemme informed me that my son Mohit missed his lesson with you on Wednesday. I am sorry that this happened. Apparently Mohit was confused about the days which is no excuse since he could have asked you or at the administration of the school. I know he is not very organized and has a lot to learn in this area. Some people will never learn but I hope he does. I am sooooooooooooooo organized (once I took a quiz for what kind of scientist you are, they told me you are an organizer). Anyway, I hope he will catch on sometime. I will talk more to Mohit about that.



Manvendra Dubey

August 9, 2010

Senor Roberto,
It is our privilege to have you as the guitar mentor for my son Mohit Dubey 9th grader at NMSA. We are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying your music and imparting your wisdom to our son's passion for guitar.

Angus Lindsay

July 26, 2010

Thank you for your beautiful music.
I posted your encore on my Facebook page with the following comment:
Art follows money and becomes artifice. Ask an artisan.
Talent is a long patience, the rewards uncertain except the satisfaction of a job well done. Creativity is taking what is to hand and utilising one's energy and intellect for the maximum effect. To some this may seem madness, yet a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Piazzola said... one has to be insane to take up the bandodeon. Most of his life, like Mozart, was spent scraping around for money to feed the band. His works continue to inspire musicians. Check out this short video - 382 views since January - and Roberto Capocchi's smile at the end.

More power to you - Love & Light - Angus.

Tracy Doyle

July 23, 2010

I love your new CD! So beautiful. I listened to it twice on the way home. Bravo!

Darren Vibe

May 27, 2010

Wow, what great taste in music! I bet you are a very informative teacher as well. I am not a professional classical guitarist, but it has been my passion my whole life! All the best to you brother.

Marc Eaton

March 7, 2010

Man... never actually checked the site.... all i can say is badass... i love the fact that the first song that played when i got here was Capricho Arabe. the pictures are awesome, as is the music but i knew that going in.. Duo Guadalupe, im gonna need to get that cd. See you Thursday.

Petra Kizik

February 11, 2010

I have no clue on how I found you, but love your music

Theodora Caringello

January 23, 2010

I would like to purchase some of your music, where would I do that? Love your music

John Ressler

January 18, 2010

I heard your last performance at Gig and really enjoyed it. You are a master guitarist and wonderful performer. I look forward to hearing you again. You have quite a stage presence too. Thank you Roberto !

Lou Bruno

January 12, 2010

Hello Roberto,
I am looking for a classical guitar teacher.
I know Bruce D. pretty well, and he suggested I contact you.
Do you have any time for lessons?

Sean Buckley

December 14, 2009

Please add me to your list to notify me of upcoming gigs.


December 13, 2009

Great Website!
I really enjoyed it, especially the MP3s section. I look forward to hear more in the future.

KM Settles

September 11, 2009

Would you please let me know when your new CD will be available to purchase and how I can get a copy?


April 8, 2009

Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.


March 14, 2009

Love your music. May we meet some time?


December 13, 2008



November 5, 2008

Thanks for dropping by for the shot of tequila on 4/Nov/2008. A night to celebrate.

Have a great concert in Alamosa tonight.

Cathy Lubke

September 21, 2008


Sarah Shellow

August 11, 2008

Oi, Beto, the greater Washington metropolitan area is dying to hear a classical guitarist from Brazil. Any thoughts? Con carino, s

Sandy Molina

July 24, 2008

Hi Roberto,
I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed listening to you play last Friday evening at the Episcopal church! I also love the Duo Guadalupe CD that I purchased. I hope to catch another performance very soon when I’m in Santa Fe again.


July 23, 2008

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Leandro Capocchi

April 21, 2008

Just checked out yous site again. The pic with Zoe is a blast. My daughter's name is Zoe and the T-shirt... Well, I'm Australian.
One day I may get to the States. I will definitely look you up AND attend a concert when I'm there.
(We would have to be distant relatives. My father, his brother and cousins emigrated from Elba, Italy in the early '50's)

Diana Rowland

April 10, 2008

I also was looking for the Capocchi name. My grandfather, Olivo Capocchi, came from Acquapendente in Italy. I used to be a classical guitarist. It looks like music runs in our family.

Kenji Haba

June 28, 2007

Dear Roberto,

Thank you for your kindly explanation of your guitar. That helped me a lot to choose my guitar.
I actually found Sergio's guitar in NY. Alice Artzt has several of them. By the way, I heard that Alice has known Sergio for a long time, and he is coming to NY this summer. If there is a change, I like to meet him.

As you said, his guitar has great sound and variety of colors. When I played, I instantly felt that this guitar allows me to express my idea, and I bought it. My guitar was made in 1996.

I really appreciate your advice.

Thank you very much,

Kenji Haba

Leandro Capocchi

May 9, 2007

someone else googled & got you.
my dad, Aleandro, played guitar when he first arrived in Australia over 55 years ago.
Most of my children & step children play as well

Leandro Capocchi

May 9, 2007

I do sound & lights
my cousin Robert Capocchi played didgeridoo(Australian native instrument)
Our fathers were from Isloa d' Elba, Italy
I think you bear a family resemblance!
and my daughter is named Zoe
I googled Zoe Capocchi & came up with your web site

Thomas Nunes

February 10, 2007

Hi Roberto it was great to see you at the GiG looking forward to seeing you play again.

a;; the best


Henrique Pinto

December 14, 2006

Voce está um gato. Lindas fotos, ficamos contentes com o sucesso de sua carreira. Grande abraço.
Henrique Pinto


November 24, 2006

Metallica Forever!!!!!

Peter Tyksinski

October 25, 2006

Roberto, Thank you for your wonderful playing during the wedding weekend. It blew us all away. It was great meeting. -Cousin Peter

Paula Marie Capocchi

October 19, 2006

I just googled my name and Roberto Capocchi came up. I did not know there were any other Capocchi's in America beside my immediate family.
I used to play the guitar years ago and I love the guitar. I think music runs in the Capocchi's blood. My grandfather Leonildo Capocchi was a french horn player in the Chicago symphony before the depression and my dad, Leo Capocchi, was an avid music lover, mostly classical but now he has branched out into other stuff. I was a rocker when younger but now I love classical as well as so many other forms. Music is soul!!Maybe sometime you will come play in Marin County or San Francisco, Berkeley, I will come see you!

Kay Belangia

October 9, 2006

I enjoyed listening to your mp3's on the website. My husband and I have recently moved to Santa Fe and I am looking for a teacher that could help me with making a CD. I need another pair of ears! My phone number is 505-412-5381. I have been in Las Vegas for the last 10 years teaching and performing.
Great Website, Kay Belangia


October 4, 2006

Hello Roberto:

I write to thank you again for the information and contact on the Sergio Abreu guitar. I've been enjoying my instument (#489) since September 2005.

Keep up the great work. Thanks


September 2, 2006

Love the site, love the tunes

keep up the great work and greetings from the UK :-)

Gabriel Ayala

August 21, 2006

Capocchi, Thanks so much for all of your suggestions on my website. I think your website is very detailed and absolutely wonderful! Congrats to you on all of your accomplishments and good luck on all of your future endeavors! See you in Santa Fe 2007.


Alexandre Torri

August 11, 2006

Roberto, vc nem vai lembrar de mim, dos tempos do anglo, 4ª série do primário.... eu me lembro como se fosse hoje das suas proezas científicas e a que mais me recordo foi aquele dia na sua casa na Paulo Orozimbo que vc colocou sal de fruta e água numa embalagem vazia e a tampinha subiu aos céus... rsrsrssr.
Cara, só que eu tenho a lhe dizer é que hoje vendo a sua projeção internacional e ascensão no mundo da música, que sempre foi a sua primeira paixão, lembro que vc dizia que queria ser maestro.... Amigo... vc foi além, meus parabéns e gostaria que vc soubesse que eu ainda me lembro de vc, cara e como vc não mudou nada..... não esqueça, vai ter um encontro da turma do anglo organizada pelo guto e nós adoraríamos que vc viesse ou então mandasse um vídeo mandando um alô pra galera, se tiver alguém que não lembra, pode ter certeza que eu vou lembrar de vc como lembrei neste recado.
Um fortíssimo abraço do amigo Alê Torri.
P.S.: que Deus continue iluminando tua vida e tua trajetória artística. Meu fone em sp é 55 11 5078 9221 horário comercial ( das 8:00 as 18:30 hs), e o email tá aí no scrap.

Charlotte Tyksinski

July 7, 2006

Roberto, I look forward to meeting you. I am so glad you will be coming to Peter's wedding. I have listened to your beautiful music on the web and am so eager to hear you in person.

Sarah Shellow

April 30, 2006

Que rico escucharte en el hotel. Que toques con una cierta mescla de tonos que funcionan juntos para reunirme con el espiritu. Gracias, amor. Sarita

eusiel rego

April 18, 2006

Roberto, tudo bem?
Entre em contato, ok?

Eusiel - SP/Br

Ivan L. Baros Sr.

March 13, 2006

love your MP3 sounds

brant baber

February 20, 2006

four of us will be in santa fe on feb. 24 and will come to hear you play. i'm listening to ruben romero and ramon bermudez on cds now and tripped across your web site when I went looking for their schedules next week. I look forward to hearing you.

Jackie Dassler

February 13, 2006

You were gracious and played at an open house for the Land Rover dealership many years ago for me. I saw your name on GIG site and was happy that you are doing so well. Please let me know of any CDs or downloads that have available as I greatly enjoyed your playing and music. Please let me know of any local events or concerts. Sincerely, Jackie

Jimmy Jones Jr.

December 29, 2005

Get out of my country, your music won't stop appearing on my damn radio.

Dan Cipriano

November 15, 2005

Great site! If you ever need horns for your recordings please visit is a studio production service providing horn sections, horn arrangements, saxophone and flute solos over the web at amazing prices. Site provides full upload and download capabilities of audio files in all professional formats.

Bernadette Berardi-Coletta

November 4, 2005

It was a pleasure talking with you on the airplane from Chicago to Albequerque, en route to Santa Fe. As promised, I have checked out your website and am planning to listen to your music. As mentioned, I am always interested in new music as I sometimes use it as part of my psychotherapy practice (not music therapy tho). You have a very warm, unassuming presence with a touch of elegance - I look forward to hearing this in your music! Nice to meet you - Bernadette

stacey mcmullen

October 26, 2005

I will call you for lessons and i hope you are able to accept new students, i just moved to santa fe.
Please email me with concert dates or local musical events.

thank you,
stacey mcmullen


September 9, 2005

excellent site -
i really like your stuff...

musical greetz from vienna/austria !!

Andre Capocchi

September 7, 2005

Oi Tio Beto, adorei seu site de internet. Vou ouvir seu CD esta noite.

Woody Bobb

August 27, 2005

Fantastic album and website Roberto. See you at GIG.



August 22, 2005

Great Site.


June 29, 2005

Franz Amadeus

June 6, 2005

Professional, yet warm enough to feel welcome, the atmosphere of a "Duo Guadalupe" concert is at once formal and inviting. The Musicians bring life to the music in a way that draws one closer to a spiritual mindset. Their selections are uncommon and tend to spring from emotional ties to them. These factors resound in every note, recalling our first childhood memories of falling in love with the music of great composers, and bringing that peace to our hearts. Thank you Ellen and Roberto, your dedication to beauty is inspiring.
- Franz Amadeus

Ericsson Castro

May 14, 2005

Parabens pelo site ta muito legal

Ted Stefan

May 13, 2005

Hey Roberto, I really like your samples man. I recall your fine repertoire from some time ago. We knew each other briefly in Arizona ( I was at ASU) through Jorge Pastrana (any info on the maestro please!! ) and we also met at the GFA at Cal Northridge. You, myself, and Dmitri Diachenko (Karate!) enjoyed some breakfasts and some good late night jams. Take care and I'm sure we'll see each other sometime out west.

Barbara Duno

December 15, 2004


I thought you were performing this coming Saturday at the Sancturio de Chimayo. Ccould you plese let me know if you are and how to get a ticket.


November 24, 2004

Please can you tell me on which songs do you play giussani guitar?

jerry estberg

November 12, 2004

i will be looking forward to seeing you in port angeles. i enjoyed your visit last spring. i assume the workshop is hands on with our guitars? i didn't have time to play last spring, but i do for this coming workshop. thanks for the tips that you gave me last year when you were here; they have been helpful.

Frank Lee Sprague

May 6, 2004

Congratulations on your excellent website and your highly esteemed career! Good luck to you in the future.

Trevor Atwood

April 16, 2004

Roberto -
Congratulations on your career. i found your website thru the world guitarist. how do you like santa fe? nice website - it looks like you're creating a successful niche for yourself and your music. i'm still studying guitar as an amateur with phil hemmo, whom you probably know from the u of a, at his studio in tucson; i recently performed the m.d.pujol elegia for piazolla in a studio recital. i'm still praciticing martial arts - i've been studying a form of kung fu for the past four and a half years. we have a small school and train outside in himmel park year round. are you still praciticing shotokan? chop chop not so good for the delicate hands of the guitarist; i actually broke my right hand a year ago, but seem to have recovered pretty well. my girlfriend and i are getting married next month, and then traveling to the yucatan for our honeymoon. best wishes - let me know if you're passing thru tucson sometime - cheers, trevor

Steve Ganz

April 5, 2004

I see you are coming back to th e northwest!
Seattle May 8...
Well if you make it up to Bellingham, you are invited to stay at my hacienda.